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The Exchange Club Fair Association board of directors consists of 19 officers and directors who serve without compensation. Directors are elected from the membership of the Exchange Club of Savannah.

The Board of Directors provides oversight and management of the annual fair. Meetings are led on a monthly basis.

The Current Board of Directors:

Bob Cornwell - President

Hugh Futrell - Vice President

Michael Lariscy - Treasurer

Chris Hafer - Secretary
Bill Gardner - Immediate Past President

Directors: Nino Aliotta, Walt Day, Ralph Fountain, Paul Kennedy, L.A. Lanier, Jason Ford, Rabun Jeffers, Ed Poenicke, Lum Purvis, Lamar Clark, Mike Flynn, Joe Kerr and Larry Reid.

Ex officio members: David DeWitt, and all past presidents of the Fair Association.

Fair Manager: Billy Covington

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